Hornets Are 1-0 After Slipping By Red Hot Shooting Golden State

Posted: October 30, 2008 in Hornets

The New Orleans Hornets started their quest for an NBA title off right last night managing to erase an 11 point deficit that was staring them down like a nice warm regular season welcome message just before halftime. After cutting the Warriors lead to 1 by halftime, the game remained close and nail-biting the rest of the way. With Golden State not stopping with making the 3 ball and some ball security problems with the Hornets, the Bees were never really able to build a commanding lead, which stunk like an unbathed goat. The Hornets even eventually surrendered the lead with about a minute left to go in the game. But CP3 then took over. Driving hard in the lane, Chris was able to puncture a stiff Warrior defense, who looked poised to take the game, and make a sick-nasty lay up to put the Hornets back up 104-103. With help from a bad Warrior pass, which is where I went nuts!!!!, the Bees were able to go up 3, dimming Golden State’s chances. The Warriors then missed another 3 point shot, after which we iced the game. The final was 108-103.

David West led the scoring for the Hornets with 24 points, Chris Paul was second with 21 and had 11 assists, continuing his high level assist performance. James Posey added a couple of threes, much like he did last year in Boston and ultimately finished with 11 points. The Hornets are 1-0. They play the Phoenix Suns tonight on national TV; that means y’all get to see the game on TNT and I’m not spoiled with my CST on Cox Cable here in New Orleans.

Tyson Chandler can be seen to the left in the process of beasting. ROCK ON TC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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