It’s Person-nel

Posted: October 23, 2008 in Saints

Yes, apparently Drew Brees was the quarterback of the San Diego Chargers the last time the Saints and Chargers met. Had this been any other community, he probably would have wished to be back there.

Drew Brees still holds community events and participates in community service activities in the San Diego area, while doing the same for New Orleans. He is, however, probably looking to get back at the very same team who, yes, drafted him in to the NFL, but also passed on him after his shoulder injury sustained at the end of the 2005 season.

Well, I’ve got some bad news. It’s called personnel. The San Diego offense is loaded with running talent, hhmmmm let’s try LaDanian Tomlinson and that just about takes care of the only offensive element we have the slightest amoeba of a chance of stopping.

On defense, well, they have a couple of the best corners in the league. So I don’t expect the Saints to come out of the game interception free. I don’t even expect a 1 interception game. Yes, we have the best* receivers and the best* quarterback, but 3-4 games later, I am convinced they can’t play, at least in the NFL. If Drew Brees wants to get back at his former team, I suggest he take a look at the remaining schedule of all NFL teams, see which of those is scheduled to play the Chargers, and ask Sean Payton for help on booking him a flight there and a deal.

As far as the game, the Chargers run game will get stuffed by a defense that will once again shock everyone by doing the unexpected, and lose bad screwing up on something that noone could have foreseen.

On the other hand, maybe they will get beat doing the very same thing people expect them to do, because as of right now, THAT would be a surprise.

There is no telling, it’s agonizing, it’s brain-frying, it’s, it’s, it’s Saints suicide clinic.

Final score will be Chargers 23, Saints 14

If I were to base my prediction on the who dat blogging nation prediction scale I would say Saints 28, Chargers 20, but we’re goin’ with the regular NFL scale.

*- this is very debatable


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