Somebody Layed A Nice, Smelly Egg In My Lap

Posted: October 20, 2008 in Saints

At this point, I don’t know who it is, but someone made a big mistake. If anyone can make a very good, world class attempt, that means having to think outside the box, on who that might be, by all means, drop a comment.

The New Orleans Saints are 3-4 and with Tampa beating Seattle, it couldn’t look worse in the division. The New Orleans Saints are also at the very same spot they were a year ago after 7 games, so the better start really was for nothing. The Saints had a winning record after the first four games last year, but to finish better this year they would have to dominate the remaining schedule. Not sayin’ a word. But who knows, at least we have the comfort of knowing on the way to 7-9 or 8-8 is a couple of inexplicable “we’re the best in the NFL” kind of victories; it’s going to come and we can feel good on those days.

This may have been the final straw, the final rotten egg that has turned me into the resigned fan that has witnessed too many dead end roads; the kind that says I’ll enjoy an individual win whether it is worth anything or not, because I don’t know how I’ll feel next week. The Saints remind us all what NFL really stands for…………Not For Long.

Wait a minute, I cracked the code!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You see, the Saints were a team that benefitted from the AFL-NFL merger. That’s why New Orleans got a football team. The league became known as the NFL. This prompted the “Not For Long” saying which basically describes the 41 roller coasters the Saints have put their fans on. I started thinking that the merger may have had something to do with it, I just didn’t know how, now I do. Sleep on that!!!

NO VOODOO, NO CURSES, NO Sacreligious Names, …..Merger.

Even though I’ve changed, grades haven’t. I’m layin’ the hammer down!

Week 7: F

Season Avg: D


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