Raiders Play In Dome, Run Into A Storm

Posted: October 14, 2008 in Saints

Nobody told me the Superdome had a retractable roof. Close it, close it now, I can’t handle it. Stop the stormin’. I need cover. COVER!!! Before Reggie Bush gets more sick nasty blocks to score a touchdown, or someone who never catches a pass catches a touchdown pass from now the silently highest rated quarterback in the league. DB’s latest sick nasty ranking, by the way temporarely gets him off the JWD-Bags list.

At the start, the Saints were engaging in their usual method of look at foot, point, and shoot, but just like Gary Gibbs’s balls have a way of showing up when everyone least expects it, through the play calling of course, Sean Payton’s brain hopped out of the grave below the Superdome, made its way through Gate G, passed onto the field by way of the tunnel and hopped back in his head just in time to go fill his high octain offense with some Shell gasoline.

After that, Drew Brees turned the key in his head and went 26-30 for 320 yards and 3 touchdowns.

I must say, unselfishly, that I was a major highlight of the game. I set a record for the most accurate predictions in a game. Here’s a few.

  • Jason David getting that INT
  • Final Score: 34-3*
  • Game going to be a rout
  • Melhaff making all kicks after the miss
  • Melhaff not having the audacity to become an NFL kicker that can’t kick
  • Every formation I loved, worked
  • Every one I didn’t; didn’t
  • Deuce is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*^

*- that prediction was made when the game first started breaking open. Yeah, CHEF, I added 3 points when we kicked that last field goal, but my ultimate prediction of one more touchdown held true.

*^- it’s wrong and just plain bad to include this general, obvious¬†observation as a individual prediction and take credit for it. But…………………………………………….I’m doing it.

Week 6 Grade: 91.5 A-

Season Avg: 78.26 C


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