Special Thanks To Everyone That Had A Job To Do Monday Night For Keeping My D-Bag List In Business

Posted: October 8, 2008 in Aints, Saints

Would Sean Payton, Gary Gibbs, Ed Hochuli, Kevin Kaesvaharn, Martin Gramatica, Drew Brees, Tracy Porter and the play calling sheet report to the main office?

After tearing each one of your competency challenged faces in, I’d like to personally thank you for being the main reason JWD-Bags (TM) is the first JBESB feature to run longer than two weeks. You have given me more than a damn good reason to have it there.

Officials, thank you for not giving the Saints a chance to screw up their chances even more. I realize your logic behind your calls. Just a note, I was the only one not vigorously booing the refs in the dome like they screwed up some kind of chance we had. I already used them up on the plays where we found a way to lose once again. Although I agree their calls did not always correspond to the designated rules stated in the NFL rule book, it would not have mattered. The refs were not going against us when we were playing, you know, early in the game. Did you ever think that we were so disgusting that it would even turn off the refs? Guess not.

Well, to everyone who said our defense was better, our offense could move the ball, and whatever else; the only thing that matters never changes; the bigger number on the right, somehow, someway. 2-3



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