Time To Vote!!!!!

Posted: October 1, 2008 in Saints

Our civic saintly duty has  called upon us once again. In other words, y’all be pickin’ up dem computas and slappin’ dem votes down fo Drew Brees and our photo of the week. That’s right. We have a Photo of the Week nominee. Now I know it would be hard for Drew Brees to overshadow Brett Farve and his 6 touchdown passes, but I’m thinkin’ that as members of Cafe 641 and the Who Dat Blogging nation, we are required to participate. Don’t be a knucklehead, or either me or Chef will beat you down like imitation, rubber animals corresponding to the particular week’s opponent brought into the Dome every week. With a spoon or spoons.

Below are links you can rub your crazy ass designed mouse all over to get to the voting page on NFL.com

Vote For Brees (be sure to vote for the FedEx Ground Player of the Week also) always like full participation

Vote for Lance Moore TD Photo (scroll down to see it) this photo most likely will not win


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