Kudos To Gary Gibbs And Of Course, The Deuce

Posted: September 29, 2008 in Saints

Deuce Up Side Ya Head I said Deuce Up Side Ya Head, What?

That’s right. If you’re part of the tenured Saints Superfan section known as Cafe 641, you know the chant all too well. It’s about time the Saints had a running game. First time in about two years. It was a huge factor in the passing game as it allowed for many more deep passes for TD’s. Although not obvious, Deuce probably scored more than one TD. Yes, more than one. On the deep play to Lance Moore, anyone who observed closely could see that Drew very briefly turned his head toward Deuce and that instant something happened that would never even come close to happening even had Drew rubbed the ball in Reggie’s face like force feeding a baby on a play action pass; the defense stopped, just stopped and left Lance Moore open over the top for the big touchdown reception. Deuce influences these plays because he is respected……and feared; at least by the Niners. Overall, I thought Deuce looked better than he ever has in recent years with the Saints. He’s faster, as fast as Reggie now, and with his hole recognition, he can potentially be a ticking time bomb for any defense. May I add he’s doing this with two surgically repaired ACLs. Deuce, you da man.

Drew Brees finished with a decent day. He was off at the beginning of the game, but came around late after Deuce took some pressure off of him. He went 23-35 for 363 yards 3 TDs and 1 INT. The Saints had 467 yards of total offense.

Defense stepped up big due in part to the much anticipated return of Gary Gibbs’s balls. Defense had six sacks; Charles Grant-2, Tracy Porter-1, Will Smith-1, Kendrick Clancy-1, Sedrick Ellis-1; and got 2 interceptions, Tracy Porter-1, Kevin Kaesviharn-1.

Maybe we should chant balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, balls, or not.

Gary, you have just been added to my JWD-Bags list so I could have the honor of taking you off, for now.

Next week, the Saints are in the Superdome Monday Night vs. the Minnesota Vikings. Kickoff at 7:30pm.


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