D-Bag Nominee Is Sean Payton, Like I Projected

Posted: September 28, 2008 in Saints

Apparently, I missed news about this guy and the officials of the Denver Broncos game. Apparently, Payton has once again went to the officials to call a conference about why his team is not successful, in other words, he got fined $15,000 for criticizing them. Yeah, I know the Broncos were in the “little neutry zone” when the ball was snapped. I know had they not had “cheated”, we would have had a chance to maybe, quite possibly…………well I can’t really say. That’s the point, or part of it. If the Broncos weren’t in the neutral zone, the linebackers still had a good shot, a GOOD SHOT at whoever was runnin’ that ball. Because of the infraction, the D-line tackled him.

Despite all that, I’ve seen another example of Sean Payton bugging the officials about his business rather than going directly to his players. Sean Payton has become soft, softer.

I sense immaturity on the part of Sean Payton going to the officials every time his team sucks. If you remember the Dallas game two years ago, Sean Payton praised the officials to no end after his 42-17 less-than-perfect whoopin’ on the Cowboys. When asked about an obvious face mask on the Reggie Bush during a kick return, he said, “Until you’re down there, you really don’t know how hard these guys work, they do a terrific job.” HHHHHHMMMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!! Yeah terrific.

He’s sings a different tune when he loses and that does not appeal to me. I’ve seen him countless times on TV yelling at an official, but I can count on one hand the amount of times I’ve seen him yell at a player. You could say it’s because he’s a young coach, in respect to head coaching, but he’s starting to lose focus of what he really needs to do let alone not putting Deuce in when the fans want him. This just might be the turing point that first year playoff coaches of the year for the Saints typically have for Sean Payton. The non-cooperation and loss of focus. All that can be said to that is…………see ya in…..oh around 2012 when (2012 coach is named coach of the year by taking us to the playoffs)

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still bite for now. After all, don’t the Saints have an evil way of always putting a juicy, seasoned piece of heavenly chicken on the hook in their “FAITH Nets”. I think it’s interesting to see how things will play out for the umpteenth coach of the Saints. He can take his first step post D-bagging against San Francisco tomorrow. Yes, Sean Payton, you have been D-bagged.


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