I Think I’ll Have 60 Minutes of Football Please, With a Side of Short Yardage O-line

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Saints

So Chef, you may have to start me off with some major appetizers this weekend before you get to the opponent demoralizing entres. Make sure we take care of ourselves before we talk about anybody else. So I’m cookin’ up some delicious 60 minutes of football and I desperately need the fortifying nutrients of some decent O-line pie. It’s gotta happen. If you already made the menus, well stick these on them with a piece of paper. Just get them on there some kind of way.

I think everyone knows about the offensive line. It’s like a flip of a switch when we need one yard for a first down; there’s no blocking, none. It’s not that Deuce isn’t in there, although it would help, but there are no holes to be had. I can’t rely on my running back to be a Mac truck just to pick up a first down. If Deuce is the only one that can do it, then we can’t have big running plays because he is slow in the open field. If the O-line can block better for Reggie and everybody else, just image what they could do if they get some open field.

Not everyone may understand what 60 minutes is all about so here it is:

Week 2: Washington: The Saints offense came out firing against the Redskins in the first quarter, layed off in the second. The defense was decent. The second half came around and after Big Daddy P did a “marvelous” job with team at halftime (please note the quotes) the offense sputtered and we went on to wittness the worst defense in NFL history top themselves again and give the most horseshittiest performance yet.

Week 3: Denver and Jay Cutler, who sucked by the way: Second half was a result of soft Denver defense, but good nevertheless, for the offense. Defense sucked. In the first half, the defense actually didn’t suck because they didn’t have a chance to suck. Our offense gave up touchdowns. OFFENSE!!!! Because Drew knows for sure we have a defense that can make it up. LOL.

To sum it up, we lost to Washington in the second half, and to Denver in the first. This is rediculous. If the Saints played 60 minutes of the best they showed they could play, we’d be winning games 50-23. But the Saints are just like Cleco. When a cloud rolls over the sk, our power goes out. Drives me crazy. When the clock is at a certain time the Saints shut off, drives me equally as crazy. 60 MINUTES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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