And The Blog Bashing Is Destroyed, Along With Our 2-1 Record

Posted: September 22, 2008 in Saints

I sit down to watch a game and think I’ll either get to feel happy about a win or enjoy the hell out of virtually bashing everyone on the team into the next century. But they are the Saints, so I hope you won’t be surprised when I tell you there were many, many times when they took both away from me. Countless times where they made me want to destroy them, came back with an impressive performance that made up for it, then sucked just enough to still not win. It gets me stuck. What is a winner with oozing competence to do?

Well, I’ll tell you one thing, the defense has now invented words so advanced, I don’t even know what they are yet, so I won’t describe their performance due to the lack of necessary vocabulary. The offense with the exception of throwing 503 yards for nothing, played terrible. When you give up a fumble and it turns into a touchdown, you played terrible. Ha. You’re not escaping me this time, Drew. You can run, but you can’t hide. You ran with that late surge of a passing clinic, but I will not let you hide with it; you still lost the game and the only reason I blame you for it is because you had something to do with it early in the game.

NO FREE RIDES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One more thing, anybody who blames Gramatica in any way, shape, or form (as the sole reason for the loss) should buy a buddy a spicy plate of red beans, have him shit it out in the street, have him wrestle him down with a pit bull, and after phisically paralyzed, have said buddy rub his face in said shit.

Gramatica’s been automatica since he’s been in those creampuff jerseys and just because he happened to miss field goals in the mile high city with a ton of wind doesn’t mean he sucks or that he lost the game. We all know who lost the game, at least I really do hope so.


How I grade a game like this: If the result is a loss, I grade the sucky part; if a win, I start with the sucky part and curve the grade based on how good the better part of the performance was.

Loss means suckiness wins.

Week 3: D-

Season Avg. D-

Team Status: We’re at the “How is it possible to make it look this much like rocket science this long” stage. At least I am.

PS: LSU got a B+ for last night’s victory over Auburn.

  1. Very intersesting artical.

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