Well, Surprise Surprise

Posted: September 19, 2008 in Saints

They did it, yes they did it. They broke the word. Just go see for yourself. http://www.neworleanssaints.com/Articles/2008/9/Sean%20Payton%20Discusses%20the%20Broncos.aspx

I just knew that was coming. Now as far as the bouncing back happening, things will remain on the down low. Mainly because the stats have some major things to say this week in my place. In fact, they put a giant middle finger straight in front of my face. Why? Try an average of over 400 yards and 40 points per game for the opposition. Not for one game. Per game. PER GAME. If the Broncos had equally as good defensive stats, I’m not so sure our offense would be able to take them. But we’re talking about their offense and our defense. I knew a defensive avg of 100 yards and 10 points per game would mean we’d give up over 400 yards and 30 points. What would numbers already like that mean? That’s one scary thought. Hell, that’s enough to make me shit my pants……………..oh wait, I have to end early; gotta go on the pot. See ya later.


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