OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: September 14, 2008 in Aints

Okay get ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Would someone like to tell me what the hell that shit was? The Fuck Ass Offense didn’t do a Damn Shit Ass thing and Brees brought me out of his got damn love tunnel, a place I never really liked.

Don’t even start with the motherf**king defense. Those kids playing football at gotdamn halftime during August could bulldoze over those toddlers.

Someone’s got some MAJOR explaining to do.

I just can’t shit ass believe the motherfu**king…………………………………………………………..

Oh wait, what team am I talking about?

Allow me to be the first to take you behing the scenes and give you a photo of the Redskins postgame conference.

It goes without bitchen:

Grade: F

Season Avg: D+

Team Status: It would be that fun part of the roller coaster if you payed a visit to Six Flags.

  1. nolachick says:

    I gotta say Jake, I’m a fan of the f-bombs. There’s nothing like writing from the gut…and what’s in the gut ain’t always pretty after witnessing what we Saints fans witnessed yesterday. Bombs away!!!

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