Say Hello To Beast #6

Posted: September 11, 2008 in Saints

So the Saints are at it again when it comes to their defensive line. The front office cooked up a 9 year NFL vet. who checked in at 6-3 297 lbs. from Weir Mississippi. Weir? Isn’t that somewhere around where Brett Favre grew up? Around Kiln?

Seen above, this guy apparently spent his earlier days beasting with the Browns, but don’t let that fool you. He is also a former player for the Carolina Panthers which raises an immediate red flag with me. “Not another one of those worthless Panthers” I think. They all get hurt after we pick them up; right after we pick them up. They are absolutely no good for us. I say take this goof ball, knucklehead back and just go pick up Joe Horn. Remember, you need to replace a reciever. I know your D-line needs more help than even the acquisition of the entire NFL can provide, but lets concentrate on the side of the ball we know we can improve. That Bad Ass O-FENCE!!!!!!

Unfortunetely, like I’ve said before, and much to my dismay, I’m not the coach or GM, so I’ll just have to wait and see what this guy can really do.

Maybe he’ll get somebody caught in that personal natural forest he’s got goin’ on or severely cut someone with that metal inside his mouth.

I’ll be keeping a close eye so I can nail him with my grade!

Last time we signed a D-Lineman in the middle of the season and I wrote about was actually just last year when Renaldo Winn came to town. Remember him. Of course you don’t because we cut him the very next week. He was the mid-season version of Dehani Jones, had a cup of coffee with New Orleans and disappeared. Hopefully, this isn’t another one of those mid-season invites. Hopefully, we sign somebody because we want to better the team not keeep them company. You already have enough of that any way.

Oh wait. Let me end this post early, I think news about the big bad tank Hollis “Beefsteak” Thomas just broke, see header.


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