Set Backs: The Name Of The (Saints) Game

Posted: September 10, 2008 in Saints

Just when I was thinking what could possibly give Marques Colston ESPN attention, it was the one thing that always happens just when we think we have more weapons than a defense can handle; an injury that will keep him out at least 5 weeks, probably 6. Could this mean that the Saints would have actually had a winning streak with everyone in the lineup? It’s quite legit, seeing that everyone will now NOT be in the lineup. MC had the audacity to injure his thumb and it wasn’t even in a game. But he will also get accolades for uplifting us all. By injuring himself, he is telling the who dat nation that the Saints will finally be a powerhouse with the wide reciever core we have. Why? Because the set back this year is not that we don’t have enough recievers, it’s that we don’t have enough active recievers. The now existing set back makes it easier to believe that had we had a powerhouse wide reciever group.

As far as replacing MC, I am lead to believe it is not possible. If we successfully replaced him, it would mean we don’t have a set back anymore, unless we could replace him and that reciever should also hurt himself.

As I have my transition of belief in this team a week before the start of the season, I tend to only take into account the amazing depth and talent we have and get the notion that we finally broke the code on building a powerhouse club. What I always seem to forget is the other side of the battle that the Saints, and only the Saints, must face. That would be the continuous annoying existence of the Saints plague that has taken the shape of bad bounces, freak injuries, untimely off-days on one side of the ball, and countless other inexplicable things over the past 41 years………..oooooohhhhhh there’s that number again…….there it is………ooohhhhhh. It’s so unattractively BIG.

Now the question is “Do we have the best team in the NFL?” Because to fight two battles at once, we unfortunetely have to be. Your answer determines the result of the 2008 season. (Team includes offense and defense)

I guess what I’m trying to say is……….SHHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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