Happy Anniversary

Posted: September 5, 2008 in Saints

To ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, not exactly. The exact date was August 31, but my first post last year was about getting ready for the regular season and here we are again. Pre-season over. Time to kick it in to overdrive; time to be wild. Time to be anything besides what is projected by the pussifyed image to the left. THIS IS A NEGATIVE EXAMPLE!!!! Not intending for any confusion here. I want to send a preseason shout-out to all CAFE Who Dats who took it upon themselves to bottle their energy for the 2008 season and stay home for the fish filet game to rest those step climbing ACL’s. Just for that CAFE Who Dats are sure to be ready for the Yuccaneers.

As far as I’m concerned, uncertainty by the Saints organization to hold this game in the Dome was absolutely ludacris. Who more do you need in the Dome than the employees and customers of CAFE 641? What more noise is there possibly to be had? What more electricity than electric clamps powered by the inside of Nacho Libre’s body is there possibly to be had? If you can find an answer, than get busy on that world peace, ’cause as far as I’m concerned, both are just as hard to do.

Gametime Mojofyed Supplies:

  • An undisclosed Mojo Garcia Dish
  • The unveiling of the new Cafe 641 logo w/ the official 2008 Cafe 641 seal (Chef has had a sneak peak)
  • Jersey equipped for the first time with Scott Fujita and Brian Young autographs

It’s time to put the past behind us, it’s gone. It’s time to look forward; here that Reggie? It’s time to be WILD!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Ross Louis says:

    giddy up.

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