A Shutout In Cincy

Posted: August 24, 2008 in Saints

The defense improves a whole lot this week and I have to say Gary Gibbs redeemed himself, calling the blitz package more times Saturday night than I thought he would. Most of our sacks came from linebacker blitzes and safety blitzes, which I knew was going to happen. If Charles Grant and Will Smith can’t get to the quarterback, they sure as hell can at least occupy the offensive line enough to open up holes for those blitzing linebackers (and safeties)

Shouts outs have to go out to some stand out players:

Robert Meachem and Lance Moore for continuing to be consistent at the wide reciever position.

Tracy Porter (I admit I ragged on him a little bit for stealing Aaron Glenn’s spot; both played well) for returning competence to the left corner position. Tracy Porter didn’t make spectacular plays, but he DID HIS JOB and made the QB’s for the Bengals look elsewhere for recievers; recievers who were being covered by guys like Fujita, Shanle, or McKenzie, which leads me to my next shout out.

Gotta throw out the love to the reopening of the Superdome Bakery. It’s manager Mike McKenzie covered well and had a chance on an interception. I’ll give him a pass on that drop, but just this time.

That safety guy who’s last name I don’t know how to spell and while I usually would take the time to look up his name, it’s very late at night and I’m too lazy to do it right now. You know, no not that guy, the one we just signed…………..yeah that guy. He made an interception at the end of the game to seal the shutout.

Many guys stepped up big tonight and while you might say all of the Bengals first team recievers were out, remember, we usually make anybody look good…………ANYBODY!!!! So this is a start.


I give the Saints, as a team, an “S”. Why an S? Well, because while I think they played better than they did against the Cardinals, I also think they therefore had numerous oportunities to put points on the board, and yet still scored about half as many points as they did in that game. So I guess you could say the Saints got an S because of the explosiveness on offense. More chances to fail at points derived from it.

The Saints move to 2-1 on the preseason. They face the Dolphins this Thursday in the Superdome.

PS: Prediction was a little off, I know.


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