Pre-Game Analysis: Shockey (And Eagle) Set For Debut

Posted: August 23, 2008 in Saints

Jeremy Shockey is ready to go for this week’s preseason game which can only mean one thing. The eagle is ready to take flight!!! Drew Brees is expected to play a good half to three quarters in this game, as is most of the other starters. Hey, with all that Brees, the eagle should have no problem beastin’ all those D-snubs from Cincy. Perhaps Jeremy will make them into some ocho cinco soup (made popular by Chef Who Dat) or possibly some complimentary Carson crackers. Sure the Bengals will score 35 points and throw for 543 yards, but we’ll score 38; what do you think we signed Gramatica for?!?!?! Anyway, I’m anxious to see what Big Daddy P is going to do with Shockey. Is he going to be a major part of the offense, or run basic plays and play about two plays like everyone else seems to do there first time out, Shockey’s no rookie, he one the best tiht ends in the NFL, so I expect him to play a while, at least as long as Brees.

I’ve got a bone to pick with BDP, though and it deals with cornerback. It has been said that Tracy Porter is starting at cornerback over Aaron Glenn and Randall Gay. What is going on? Who is Tracy Porter, seriously, TRACY PORTER, who is that? I was hoping to see Aaron Glenn a little bit more back there, seeing that he showed spurts of being a second half Mike McKenzie (one who could actually jump a rout and knock down a pass). But I’m not the coach; much to my dismay.

What to watch for: Linebackers, Linebackers, Linebackers: We all know our cornerbacks get burned more than the tires on a stock car with an over enthusiastic driver doing a burn out after winning the Daytona 500, but seriously, what’s a defensive backfield to do when there is absolutely no pressure on the quarterback. I mean, I know the secondary has to do it’s job sometimes, but for cryin’ out loud, get…I don’t know….maybe….. 1 SACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A forced fumble maybe, A PASS KNOCKED DOWN!!!!!!!!!! How do you have Will Smith, Charles Grant, SE from USC, and Jon Vilma and have non- existent penetration? The success of the defense starts there. That’s why the linebackers are the group to watch.

On the bubble: Gary Gibbs: The reason for failure. The guy calls NO linebackers blitzes and sends four guys up to the line every single time. To be successful in the NFL, you simply must take chances at the quarterback.

No complaints on offense. Just have more of an attack mentallity with the play calling.

Oh, and watch for that new safety we signed.

SAINTS @ Bengals 6:30pm cst. Paul Brown Stadium CST (HD)/FOX 8 (HD)

Prediction- SAINTS 28, Bengals 27


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