Joe Horn Fest Continues

Posted: August 20, 2008 in Other Sports News

So more drama comin out of the Joe Horn camp this week. He was reportedly released from the Atlanta Falcons a few days ago. I’m not surprised at all. I knew that wouldn’t last long. He’s past his prime anyway. A prime where he didn’t even get to taste a Super Bowl ring. What gets me is that he wanted out. Oh boy. Just a year ago you where saying you wanted to go to Atlanta because it was close to Mississippi; where your family was. What’s the matter? You have more family somewhere else? Some people who convieniently are located near a team that would happen to offer you more money, perhaps, and now you want to be closer to them? Make up your mind, money man. You probably were thinking there was “no room for (Bobby Petrino) and Joe Horn on the same team” which basically means there’s no room for Joe Horn and unused cap money on the same team.

I have an idea to solve your problem. If what I said above isn’t true and you still want to be close to your family in Mississippi, play for the Buccaneers. By your standards, that’s closer, right?

These are the only two options I can give you:

1. Start playing football again

2. Or like I said above, play for Tampa. You should make loads of money over there, and you’ll be “closer” to your family.

Problem solved. Courtesy of JWD.

PS: Jason David is now officially on notice. I’ve never done this to a player, so this is serious. (If you don’t count the fact that there is really nothing I can do about him, realistically)

  1. […] Choice words from Mike McKenzie for Jason David haters, “A lot of times people want to single out a person on the team but I’m the first to say if one fails we all fail.” If you’re trying to make predictions about Saturday’s game, keep in mind that McKenzie, and tight-end Jeremy Shockey, are expected to play. And while fantasy tips are in, tips are also being given to former Saints wide receivers. […]

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