Saints Give A Whole New Importance To The Stat “Time of Possession”

Posted: August 18, 2008 in Saints

Tracy Porter is smiling now, but this picture gets my eagle eye pic of the game. Why? Micheal C. Herbert did an outstanding job to find a defensive player smiling while simultaneously standing on the field. Kudos Micheal. I don’t think they had much reason to smile after that disaster. All they did was give Saints organization a good reason to BOLD the “Time of Possession” stat on the stat sheet. The only way the Saints will be successful is if they manage to finish a game with 60 minutes of time of possession. Maybe we can take out the play clock to help our chances, or put a big ol’ juicy steak in our opponents end zone every time they’re on offense and tell them the first one that gets to it wins; and obviously, they get the steak. Hey, it’s a WIN,WIN.

But a more reasonable conclusion could be something else you probably didn’t think of. There’s a guy with great speed who is also tall and has great hands, all of which are perfect for corner. That’s right. I’d put Marques Colston at cornerback!! He’d take that football away like taking candy from a baby. Unfortunetely, Big Daddy P’s brain cells don’t work that way and we’re probably going to be stuck with ol’ french toast.

Chef, we need “60 Minute T.O.P Pancakes”. You know, breakfast items. Part of the reason the Saints do so poorly is because nobody gets a well balanced breakfast. That’s the most important meal, Chef. Gotta get that gameplan together, Chef. Maybe if we dedicate Cafe Sunrise items (Do I smell a trademark?) to Jason David, he’ll get his nutrients and play a little better, the whole defense will for that matter. You could also mark these items with a thumbnail of a perfect early morning sunrise…………………..or not. Just sayin’

Test this out while I dish out the judgement:

I will grade the offense and defence separately this week because that’s just the way it is.

offense- N

defense- U

team- N

preseason total- N

In case anyone is new, I’m using my preseason scale, check it out on the navigation bar at the top.

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    60-minute T.O.P. Pancakes has been registered and trademarked by the Cocktail Chef who is on an evil mission to take every ounce of fun out of our satire. Please cease and desist.

    On the other hand, I think your Cafe Sunrise idea for the Toastmaster General is superb.

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