Hornets Release 2008-2009 Schedule

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Hornets

The Hornets have released their 2008-2009 basketball schedule which includes 13 national contests for the year. To put it into perspective, that’s already twice as many as the Hornets had last year AFTER the schedule had been flexed due to their performance. These national games include two on very big stages: one on Thanksgiving, with the NFL games, and one on the NBA’s biggest stage; Christmas Day against the Orlando Magic, more on this game below.

Here’s a breakdown of all the national contests facing the Hornets this year.

Oct. 30 @Phoenix TNT

–The Phoenix Suns have a pretty good handle on the Hornets. Their a solid team with a lot more depth than the Hornets. While the Hornets have one of the worst scoring benches in the league, Phoenix has one of the best. Although, New Orleans is in a similar spot now that Phoenix was in years ago, up and coming. It will be interesting to see how much progression the Hornets have made to the Suns level. Still, the Suns take this game.

Nov. 21 @Oklahoma City ESPN

–Oklahoma City is an NBA team relocated from Seattle, formerly the Seattle Sonics following a deal finalized a couple of months ago. Not to long ago the Hornets were talking about moving here, but a commitment made by George Shinn to the area combined with the overwhelming boost of fan support made the NBA look somewhere else to fill the Oklahoma City hole. Really can’t tell how good they are going to be, but seeing the Hornets could handle the Sonics, I say the Hornets take this game, EASILY.

Nov. 27 @Denver TNT

–Sure the Denver Nuggets have AI, that would be Allen Iverson for the basketball challenged, and Carmelo Anthony, and sure, Stephen A. always was on the AI and CA bandwagon for some reason, but the Hornets have done it once and can do it again, they win this one.

Dec. 12 @Boston ESPN

–It’s Boston on the road, I’ll say it again; IT’S BOSTON ON THE ROAD. Boston by 10-15.

Dec. 17 vs.San Antonio ESPN

–If the Hornets shoot well and avoid making silly mistakes like they did in their final games of the season, the Hornets fresh legs and young talent will be to much for those grandpas on the other side of the ball. Hornets win by 10.

Dec. 25 @Orlando ESPN

–Dwight Howard has given the Hornets fits in the past and is one of the reasons they never seemed to be able to take down the Magic. The gameplan here should be to try to limit him in the lane and to not give up easy buckets. This time should be different. The odds are in our favor. The Hornets will come out on top.

Jan. 16 @Cleveland ESPN

–This one’s a toss up. If LeBron is hot, Cleveland it is, if he’s cold, Cleveland has the kind of team that could look like the Minnesota Timberwolves. I will be biased toward the Hornets.

Jan. 30 vs.Golden State ESPN

–Golden State has the top scoring offense in the league and I would tend to go in Golden State’s favor. However, last year the Hornets showed they could turn on the pressure when it mattered most and held Golden State under 100 points which was a rarity, to say the least, for them last year. If the Hornets can play well defensively and score points, they will win. I’ll go with their defense in this game. Hornets by 11.

Feb. 20 @LA Lakers ESPN

–This game is somewhat similar to the Cleveland game, the problem, Kobe Bryant does not have nearly as many off days as LeBron, and, oh yeah, there’s this guy named Pau Gasol. The Lakers win big.

Feb. 27 vs.Milwaukee ESPN

–This team is a train wreck. They don’t have the talent, they can’t beat anybody, they were at the bottom of the league last year, they went through disputes over there staff, and the Hornets seemed to have no problem showing them just how much they sucked last year, rolling over them, all the time. ‘Nuff said.

Mar. 5 vs.Dallas TNT

–Dallas is a team New Orleans can handle. Like San Antonio, they’re aging and Dirk is not what he used to be, either that, or he’s not showing what he can still do. Dallas is a team that can beat the Hornets if they get more aggressive and play with more heart. They let New Orleans grab momentum in the playoffs last year and never could regain it. If the new coach and new mentality has any effect at all, especially with Jason Kidd now in the system, things could be tough for the Hornets. This will be my Surprise Pick with Dallas winning by 10.

Mar. 29 vs.San Antonio ESPN / Apr. 12 vs.Dallas ABC

–Home court advantage will play a huge role in these two contests. The Hornets win two tough, close games.


  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    While I understand that title of your blog is Jake’s Big Easy Sports Blog, I’d also ask that you look at your running subhead: “Preseason Week 1 . . .”

    How about a run-down of the exact week in the Hornets schedule that coordinates with the Who Dats bye? I’d be okay with you assessing those games in the context of the Saints season. Otherwise, I give this a preseason grade of “N” Who Dat.

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