Quarterbacks Play Well, Saints Get A Win In Preseason

Posted: August 8, 2008 in Saints

The Saints Quarterbacks turn in impressive performances and the Saints beat the Arizona Cardinals in their first preseason game of the year. Drew Brees was 6/7 for 40 yards and a TD, Mark Brunell was no worse going 10/12 for 119 yards, and Tyler Palko finished 6/11 for 144 yards and a TD which was to a very impressive Robert Meachem, who took his first step to becoming a starter. Someone who also caught my eye was Mark Campbell, the tight end, who made some impressive catches and didn’t drop the ball once, even when he got his clock cleaned by an Arizona defender. That goes for many of the wide receivers. The most refreshing thing to see was no one dropping passes and good, clean rocket throws from ALL three quarterbacks. When was the last time all three of our quarterbacks played well in a preseason game? I can’t remember. Overall it was a well played game from top to bottom. I wish I could give them a grade, but I don’t grade preseason.

Instead, I’ll grade them on my preseason scale:

E- Excellent

S- Satisfactory

N- Needs Improvement

U- Unsatisfactory

I’ll give them an E for this performance…; and Robert Meachem an E+. I do still expect a whole lot more effort from Reggie Bush, and for him to be a lot more effective running the ball, I’ll give him an N.

Hopefully, this will be his breakout year, but right now, he has the worst showing of any of our running backs.

The Saints next preseason game will be Saturday August 16 against the Houston Texans in the Superdome.

Final Score: Saints 24, Cardinals 10

  1. saintseester says:

    Meachem definitely earned the + last night. It made me feel all giddy inside.

  2. berto says:

    Was I really hollerin’ “Meachem, Go Meachem, GO MEACHEM!!!!!!!!”

    It’s like waking up in college all over again. Do I really do that last night?

  3. Chef Who Dat says:

    From the Cafe 641 test kitchen, give us a preseason grade of “N” as well. We tried out a Pierre Thomas Pesto Burger. A little overcooked, but the Pesto kicked ass. Would have cooked a Matt Leinart Man Boob, but the Chicks beat us to it.

  4. John Reed says:

    Thanks! Really funny. I wish i could spend my time on writing articles…just have no time for it.

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