HOF Game: Jim Zorn Gets A Win In Debut, “S” IS BACK!!!!!! Saints Play August 7th

Posted: August 4, 2008 in Other Sports News, Saints

Football is back and rookie head coach Jim Zorn opened the preseason with a 30-16 win over the Indianapolis Colts. I though this game was pretty intense for being just a pre- preseason game and so did Al Michaels and John Madden. Guys were crisp and never missed assignments; or it was very seldom. This is Rock Cartwright running up the field against God knows what Colts defender. Thats one thing about pre-season. You’ll be seeing and hearing a lot about God knows what defenders, receivers, and quarterbacks. It’s one reason I don’t do preseason, or just do it to the point of visually getting to see a brown ball, a green field, and guys tackling each other for the first time in about 6 months to satisfy my hunger for football, football other than that arena crap. That gets so tiring when the Voodoo aren’t even playing the entire last month of the season.

One game that’s sure to keep my attention is one on August 7th, on ESPN, the Saints and the Cardinals. We’re only a few days away from the first game and that can only mean one thing; THE “S” IS BACK!!!! and hopefully with it, some of my readers. I have decided to hold off on the annual return of the “S” to the team nickname that usually takes place a month before the start of the season to a couple days before the first game. I feel we put to much hype on everything to early, so it’s time now. Now is when we are tangling with someone else, now is the time we must have the pride and funnel it all on someone else instead of our own players in the sweltering heat of “Where the hell do you think your practicing” USA. I know it’s still preseason, but if it doesn’t work, I’ll wait until regular season next year for the 2009 unveiling of the “S”. Nothing like a preseason carry over to humble a professional team.

To take this event to the next level, I’ve decided to decorate this curvy letter symbol of rebirth and make a theme. How ’bout this epic looking pic in honor of Rush’s recent concert at the New Orleans Arena.

C’mon, you know many of their albums look like this, you know it reminds you of them…..a little. It’s the best I could find. Roll with it. Let it bring large amounts of victories and total all around domination to us, which in our case equals about 10 wins.

This S iS a Symbol of rebirth and this is the 2008 edition, one of the many icons I am working on to separate the 2008 season from the rest. My offseason regimine is far from complete, but it is off the ground and rollin’ faster than the eye wall winds of a Cat. 5 hurricane fresh off of 95 degree waters in the Gulf of Mexico. In case you read that too fast, THAT’S FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The “S” is back, now is the time. Believe in “NOW”.

To “The Big Pearl”: Challenge completed.

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    What? 10 wins? You drinking my kind of kool-aid, Jake. Add that to the pre-season mojo about not speaking the name itself, and it’s enough to moisten a Chef’s eyes. Sort of like a certain ass-kicking, come-from-behind victory over the E’s where I first heard the infamous “3rd and ten, we gonna do it again” chant from your superstitious seat in Cafe 641.

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