Saints Minute PM Edition 7/27

Posted: July 28, 2008 in Saints

Since is now showing CST Saints training camp minutes online, I though I could start contributing by having some input oon the 2008 training camp taking place at “not your own damn training facility” USA.

Things are going pretty normal at camp these days. Drew Brees is throwing the ball, Colston is catching the ball and breaking unattempted tackles, half the team is on injured reserve before preseason, and Deuce is whining about his knee. Today was just another day at the office for Sean P. who expressed his gratitude for the hard work put in by his players. (The hard work was apparent, because those players can no longer play for a while.)

Anyway; feel free to check out the postcards from all the way up in snowy “away from your training facility!!!!” USA known as the soup of the day blogs over at if you want. That is if you’re more interested in “How Things Are Going” rather than HOW THINGS ARE GOING, if you know what I mean.

This has been your one minute Saints training camp report straight out of “Get your asses back home!!!!!” USA.

Breaking News: Jeremy Shockey is happy to be a Saint.

  1. dillyberto says:

    Just get us in the Sacredome to see these guys in the AC, already.

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