James Posey Over To The Hornets, Paul Locked Up

Posted: July 19, 2008 in Hornets

James Posey, an unrestricted free agent this off-season was picked up by the Hornets on a 4 year deal worth about $25 million. Posey, who helped the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics win championships during his career, will try to do the same for the Hornets. Posey was also with the Denver Nuggetts, Houston Rockets, and Memphis Grizzles before winning those championships. Posey says it was not easy leaving players like Garnett, Allen, and Pierce back in Boston, but the Hornets were offering him a 4 year deal and Posey was looking for that long term contract. Posey should provide much needed improvement from the bench, a weak spot for the Hornets as their bench was the second lowest scoring bench in the league. Posey wants to get the Hornets ” more wins and a championship.” So does Byron Scott; “It’s not about us making the playoffs anymore, it’s about us winning a championship.”

Chris Paul was finally locked up on Wednesday when he was signed to a 3 year contract extension worth around $68 million dollars. Getting this deal done was the number one priority for the Hornets this off-season. Chris Paul is the face of the franchise and the glue that holds everything together. The deal includes a fourth year as a player option.

PS: 49 days until football season, 19 days until FOOTBALL!!!!!

PSX2: Hornets Summer League: (3-1) vs. Cavs 10:30pm est.


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