Offseason Grades

Posted: July 1, 2008 in Saints

It may be the off-season, but beware challenged team, grades are back in session.

First things first, grade for the 2008 Free Agency Waste Time, that would be “The Draft” for the competency challenged.

I give the faithful playoff avoiding a B-. Why do I give them a B-. Simple, they picked Sedrick Ellis and kept going. Instead they could have gotten a headstart on wrapping up their free agency period.

Free Agency: Generously, a B. Mainly because Micky Loomis is a pussy. He dropped his heated pursuit of Jeremy Shockey simply because it was too hard for little baby Loomis to pry him from the JS loving fingers of Giants GM Jerry Reese. Also, the Saints were rumored to pick up Travis Henry. When you’re rumored to get somebody, you better get him!!! It’s time to stop talking. Lets see some action Loomis!!!!

Allowing me to blog at a reasonable frequency by constantly giving me stuff to talk about: F———.

Being away so long is not exactly what I had in mind, lets make some more noise please. I could probably hear a microscopic pin drop in the Saints front office!

PS: 65 days until the start of the 2008 season. And 38 days until the Summer Olympics where CP3 and the rest of team USA will compete for the gold metal.

  1. nolachick says:

    JWD, I give you an ‘A’ for using the word “pussy.”

  2. Chef Who Dat says:

    Mojo, I agree with NolaChick on your grade, but not for your Mickey Loomis tirade. It’s the subtle tone of optimism that permeates your every word that earns you my A. Already planning big things, Jake, for the Cafe. We have a couple of new family members to add to the section. They’re primed. And pumped.

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