Basketball Season Ends

Posted: May 21, 2008 in Hornets, Saints

The best season in the history of the Hornets franchise has come to an end after only the second home team playoff loss in the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Prior to the game, home teams were 20-1 in the second round, and for some reason, the Hornets were not shooting well at home, and let the Spurs, who were playing poorly, as they have been doing on the road this series, walk on them with their soft and pathetic play. As bad as they play on the road, they don’t stand a chance against the Lakers. They are probably going out in 5 games.

Anyway, hopefully the Hornets will come back better, but I’m not going to be on my toes for that one. It is BASKETBALL though. I’ll give it a chance for about a decade, if nothing happens and we go on a all to familiar BIG EASY roller coaster ride, the hornets will be no different than their incompetent couterparts.

Meanwhile, it’s time, yes this is the REAL time, to start looking forward to August. A peaceful, tranquil off-season of activity when the Saints are 0-0 and everybody has Super Bowl on the brain. Just please let me let you in on something. This season will be just like every other. The good teams will start 4-2, the bad ones will have a losing record after 6 games, the teams that have the slightest bit of chance to go deep in the playoffs will not lose a game until the middle of the season. SAME APPLIES WITH THE SAINTS. NO SPECIAL MAGIC CRAP APPLIES. WE WILL WIN, OR WE WILL NOT WIN, SIMPLE AS THAT. IF THEY GO 2-3, they will end up 9-7. The NFL is a float or sink world with only 16 games. Teams make that decision with their field performance long before you can make it and 70 years of football says 0-1 is sinking, in the long run. You want to compete, you play EVERY GAME like it’s your very last. EVERY GAME MATTERS, trademark it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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