Saints 2008 Schedule Released

Posted: April 15, 2008 in Saints

The 2008 Saints Schedule was released today. It features one late after noon game, two Monday Night games, and one Thursday Night NFL Network game, that one being against the Chicago Bears. All other games are at regular time. My theory proves true. Sunday Night games are for real bad ass teams, Monday Night games are for teams with potenntial, and NFL Network games are for teams that were supposed to be good, but sucked like hell. Last year, we didn’t get an NFL Network game, the sucky teams got them over us. But now, we get the goods from NFL Network, and 2 Monday Night’s, the price, no Sunday Night. We had one last year, but our 7-9 record screwed our chances this year. There’s always flexible scheduling. If we can manage not to screw that up again, we have a chance to be moved into a Sunday Night time slot. Any game on Thursday or Monday Night is not subject to the move.

Break Down:

I’ll keep the division opponents short, because the NFC South stinks more than a dead skunk left furmentating in a garbage truck parked out by the sewer.

Tampa Bay: Do the Same thing you did last time, then kneel.

San Francisco: Keep doin’ what you’re doin’

Minnesota: WIN!!!! It’s primetime!!

San Diego: Don’t make me continue to hate the fact that the NFL is trying to change things up. (The International Series)

Atlanta, Carolina, Tampa Bay: Whoop their sorry asses.

Detroit: That one is going to be a mulligan.

I gotta say, this year’s schedule wasn’t done nearly as well as past years. The Bears have 5 primetime games and they didn’t even make the playoffs. Green Bay and New York made the Conference Championship and won the Super Bowl respectively and have as many prime time games as we do. I won’t complain though. Once again, we have one of the better schedules in the league as far as primetime. Looks like the schedulers were a lot nicer than the last time we finished 7-9.

You can check the 2008 Saints page for the complete schedule.

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Now we’re cooking with gas, JakeWhoDat. We looking at a Cafe 641 Family Reunion Tour to Tampa Bay on 11/30. You mind running this by Dianne? All aboard — it’s time to feed the hungry masses in South Florida. You in? As an added bonus, if ya’ll say yes, Chef commits to attending two Hornets playoff games.

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