The Ryan Perrilloux Post

Posted: April 8, 2008 in Tigers

Apparantly Ryan Perrilloux needs a big time shout out, a shot out to tell him to cut the crap out. Well, JWD to the rescue. Hey Ryan, cut the crap out. We don’t need you off the team. Without Perrilloux, LSU is no better than a 15th ranked school and that’s being nice. What other quarterback do we have that can step in and lead the national powerhouse, I’m thinking no one. But if the bonehead doesn’t quick his antics, I’m afraid we’re gonna have to come up with one…..eventually. And to all you boneheads who say you don’t want him because of his behavior, get your head out of the freakin’ sand, run to Starbucks, and drown in caffeine. He’s all we have at quarterback. He can pass the ball like it just came out of a cannon, he’s accurate, and he can run. Remember what Tim Tebow was doing for Chris Leak before he became the starter, he was his run specialist, much like what Perrilloux was for Matt Flynn. He could be another Tim Tebow!!!!!

Now I’ll be the first to say, I don’t think his April Fools Day trouble was that serious, but was made to be serious because of his previous troubles. But nonetheless, Ryan Perrilloux, cut the crap!!!!!!


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