Jonathan Vilma Echoes JWD, To Him I Say, “Word”

Posted: March 25, 2008 in Saints

This is one smart seasoned vet from the Jets. He must have read over my competence only policy before taking an interview with NFL Total Access from the Saints training camp just days after signing with the team. The savy veteran touched on the obvious but eluding fact to others of ignorance that it is NOT ENOUGH, I’m starting to like him with those two words already, NOT ENOUGH to improve the defense, which so many keep saying, but “we need to WIN with the defense”, “improve to the point where we’re winning games, winning divisions”, so good we win more than one division? I like it. “Winnin’ playoff games, winnin’ Super Bowls, SUPER BOWLZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!!! It’s the kind of low key interview that says, if you’re good enough to win the game, than WIN THE GOT DAMN GAME, don’t sit there and toe tap around the “oh we’re the ‘aints and we can’t go futher than this” kind of deal. Take it from your next door neighbors, they should know. Hell, they not only win games they should, they win games they shouldn’t!!

Maybe this was the best signing of the off-season after all. This does cover the ATTITUDE part of my Competence Policy listed above.

And by the way, if we’re going to rival the Cowboys and ‘Niners from back in the day, we’re gonna have to get a move on.

Vilma, you are an inspiration to so many. Just don’t make it one of continuous, pointless hope, like all the other guys have done since 1967. I mean for everyone else. Me, I run off of seeing, then believing and good-ol’ pure 100% competence. (Don’t confuse this with fanhood) Your interview deserves an A+, can your field performance match that? I’ll be watching for that, but for right now, to you I say “WORD”.

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    Seeing, not believing? Competence, not fanhood? Damn, Jake. Throw a Chef a bone. Ya can’t let us wallow up in the Cafe all season long on competence alone. I like the demand for competence, sure. But it’s gotta roll both ways — an ass in a Superdome seat don’t mean it’s a competent ass, right? Does the Competence Policy apply to Who Dats too? Can we demand Rows 10-35 to get a little louder?

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