Random News: Edition 3

Posted: February 6, 2008 in Random News

You Know What You Can Do With Your Argument?

Corrupt campaigning. Sex harassment claims. Racial and gender issues. A tossed election. Quite a change for the Oxford Debating Club.

She Can Chill In The Can For A While

Fla. police arrest a motorist they say had a 24-pack of beer strapped in with a seat belt but had a toddler unrestrained in the back seat.

Meet Australia’s Paris Hilton

Teenager who became famous Down Under after throwing a wild party has quit his job and hired an agent.

You Can Judge a Crook By The Cover

A man in a front-page newspaper photo was sentenced for what he was doing when another picture, on the same page, was taken.

I’m Just Gonna Take It For A Short Spin Cycle

Boy, 4, got stuck when he climbed into his family’s top-loading washer.

Not Staying Abreast Of Things

Judges say woman whose implants were damaged in an on-the-job car accident should be compensated for the replacement of only one.

Smile For The Security Cameras, Please

Police said a homeless bank robbery suspect was undone by being too willing to follow instructions.

We’ll Give You Something To Crow About

We'll Give You Something To Crow About

Rooster owners in Riverside, Calif., may be about to get their feathers ruffled.

But Information Wants To Be Free, Officer

Utah sheriff’s deputy finds a newspaper vending machine in a suspected drunken driver’s back seat.

Miss. Law Would Ban Serving Obese Diners

Politician wants to make a point about healthy eating.

A Not So Super Trooper

Maine state police have charged a man who managed to get free rides on Amtrak’s Downeaster by impersonating a state trooper.

Social Security Just Doesn’t Go That Far These Days

Florida grandmother is arrested and accused of hiding cocaine in her bra during a drug raid.

This Bed Is Just Right …

I Also Have Letters For Ben Dover And Adam Baum

A collection agency tried to collect a $16.96 debt with a letter that addressed its recipient with a four-letter word for excrement.


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