Super Bowl XLII Champions: New York Giants

Posted: February 5, 2008 in Other Sports News

It’s not a typo. I’ll admit when I’m wrong and I was wrong in predicting this outcome. I’m happy for the Giants and their monumental effort put forth to defeat the Patriots and shatter their hopes of another championship and a perfect 19-0 season. After waiting so long, all the way to Super Bowl Sunday, the 1972 Miami Dolphins can finally pop the champaign and celebrate as the last undefeated team goes down. The Patriots join the 1937 Bears and the 1942 Bears as one of the only three teams to go into the championship game undefeated and come out defeated.

Keep in mind, to beat the Patriots, it was said that a team had to play all 4 quarters, play nearly flawless football, and get a little luck on the side, and all this to even have a shot. Well, the Giants gave all four quarters, they played a near perfect game, especially on defense, and they got a few breaks along the way including Asante Samuel’s missed opportunity at a game sealing interception. But wait, now the Giants only had a shot, right? Well, add to this that the Giants gave 120%, never becoming more apparent than when Eli Manning somehow eluded a Patriots mad rush that appeared to sack him and threw up a near perfect pass to David Tyree who jumped up and used his helmet to make a circus catch. It was a remarkable play that kept the Giants last ditch effort alive and allowed Eli Manning to do the exact thing Tom Brady, John Elway, and Joe Montana are known for and have done very well: engineer a last minute drive to win the Super Bowl. Eli did what Tom Brady was so used to doing to his opponents, previously, right in front of him.

The most surprising unit in this game, unquestionably, was the Giants defense: simply remarkable. Their grade is and A++………….. for stopping the best offense in the NFL and very close to the best in history. For the Giants effort put forth in the post season: they shocked the world three times, so I’ll give them three pluses: A+++.

Eli now has a Super Bowl ring…………….. and the critics can be silenced.

Oh yes, of course, what post would be complete without my Saints thought of the Day: Archie is the only Manning to never have won a championship (that has played in the NFL, or some form of it)


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