Saints To Play “Home” Game In London

Posted: January 30, 2008 in Other Sports News, Saints


The Saints will play the San Diego Chargers in the NFL’s second ever international regular season contest in 2008. It will be a Saints home game meaning the team will have seven true home games in 2008. Maybe the post-Katrina like damper on home games will mean something. Not that I’ve given an ounce of thought to the Saints, or have taken any millimeter of my 100% undivided attention off the Hornets. As it is, it’s seriously paining me to write this post. I’m thinking worse of myself right now. It needs to be done though, so I’m just typing in an absent minded way thinking of the Hornets.

Anyway, season ticket holders will have seven regular season………uh….okay games to go to.

I can’t wait……………….until even more people jump on the Hornets bandwagon starting next January, if they have an I.Q. of at least 50.

Yeah, this is starting to have nothing to do with the game being played in London. I guess no matter how hard you try, you can’t possibly make an interesting post on the Saints anymore……..wait, did I say anymore? I’M GETTING DUMBER!!!!!!!!!

Meanwhile, some side notes to fill up the space:

The Boston Globe has already published the 19-0 Pats perfect season book. Before you break your computer monitor, if you’re even still reading this and not gone or off to make a comment, the Giants have also published a book naming them the Champions. We’ll settle this this weekend.

For Pats Haters:

The best decision Tom Coughlin made this year was to play the Week 17 matchup with the Patriots with his starters in for the entire game. Granted, his team lost 38-35, but it set the stage for this Super Bowl. Not only did the game create momentum for the Giants heading into the playoffs, but it was money in the bank for their Super Bowl preparation.

The Giants believe they can win this game. I have talked with enough players to believe there is a quiet confidence brewing among the New York players, who like their chances. Members of the Baltimore Ravens and Philadelphia Eagles — teams that came close to beating New England this season — like the Giants’ chances, too.

The Giants remind me of the Patriots team that entered Super Bowl XXXVI against St. Louis as huge underdogs with nothing to lose, a New England team that shocked the Rams, 20-17.

For Giants Haters: (can’t imagine who, except Pats fans)

Use your brain.

PS: You can do it, c’mon sound it out: H—O—R—N—E—T—S.


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