Surging Giants Edge Packers

Posted: January 21, 2008 in Other Sports News

The Giants pull of another surprise as they down the Packers in OT 23-20 to head to their first Super Bowl since 2000. This has to be the quietest run to the Super Bowl in a long time. Nobody was paying attention to this team as far as the Super Bowl is concerned and now their on their way to Arizona. The Giants are obviously coming on strong at just the right time, having had to pull off two upsets to get here (Cowboys and Packers), having to beat Tampa Bay, having to play three playoff games in the first place, and giving the Patriots a run for their money to close out their “exhibition” season. And now they get another shot at them.

Keep in mind, the Giants were the only team to get a lead bigger than 7 on the Pats (10) and as usual, the Patriots came back. We’ll see how it plays out in two weeks. Oh don’t worry, the Patriots will win, they may blow them out. This is an easier game for the Patriots now that they don’t have to play the Packers. But it does put an interesting twist on a game that’s in DIRE need of one.


Yeah, last year his brother made it for the first time. So this has got to be special. Especially if you consider the preseason expectations. Who would have thought that little Eli Manning, the soft quarterback that he is, would take his second half collapsers to the Super Bowl, not me. I’d probably have to give the Giants, based on their effort down the stretch, an A; solely based on effort. I hardly believe a 10-6 record deserves an A. For that, you need to be 12-4 or above. But the Giants have shown something lately and I’m sure Eli had something to do with it. Good for you, Eli.


This has got to be really dishartening for Brett. This team was a big surprise this year and it was good to see Brett look, for the first time in a while, like the old Brett Favre from the 90’s. Hate to see him fall short. This can only mean one thing. He’s comin’ back. Brett has already said he’s leanly toward it, and with this loss, he will only be more driven inside to win that Super Bowl. It’s probably a good thing he didn’t make it this year when the Patriots have the NFL on lockdown. Brett will be back and he will make it. And just for Brett’s edition of “Top the Saints” if he doesn’t make it, he already has one.

  1. Nola Chick says:

    i’m having for that other manning boy. too bad i think he’s going to choke in the super bowl. hope he doesn’t, but i’m pretty sure he will.

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