Hornets Fall to Toronto

Posted: January 2, 2008 in Hornets

After defeating the Cavs for their fifth straight, the Bees fail to make it 6 with Toronto. The 20-11 Hornets will have to get back on track Wednesday against the Clippers if they want to keep pace with the top teams in the NBA.

New Orleans had this game under control until Toronto got off to a run outscoring the Hornets by almost 20 points in the 4th quarter to eventually win the game 97-92.

It was, no doubt, a tough loss, but one in which needs to be forgotten about quickly before they lose 2 straight and have half their audience depleted.

There should be more on the news and more in the papers on this team. Instead, people would rather waste their time on other things that need not be mentioned. The Hornets may not be football, but in their case, the bigger number is actually on the side of the dash that says, “We intend to be a part of this league, not a spectator and student of this league.”

I give the Bugs an even B on the season so far, good, but with a little inconsistency.

  1. Saints Sideline says:

    Jake I changed your link to “Jake” on my site. Sorry for the delay. Can I get a link on your blog? http://www.saintssideline.com



  2. Chick in the Huddle says:

    so i guess now i have to start watching basketball. bah humbug!!

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