"Shoulda Got A Block In the Damn Back" – Glenn Hogan (aka Nacho Libre)

Posted: December 27, 2007 in Saints

More like, Shoulda had a team in the damn back!!

Defense terrible, offense terrible (the object of the game is to score points, not yardage)

Da Bears can feel good about themselves with a late season rally to finish 7-9.

Don’t worry, something will randomly happen to the city in six more years and we’ll have a new coach who will end up coach of the year.

2000- Magic= first playoff win

2001-2005- Reality

2006- Post Katrina, everybody cry like sissys who haven’t learned that this is what’s supposed to happen in the NFL at least once every 3 years Magic= First NFC Championship game, not by winning two games, oh no, we’re doing this the slowest way possible, we didn’t have to play a wild card.

2007-2011 or 2012- Reality

2013 or 2014 or some year we decide to play again- Magic= Super Bowl???

It could happen. Every year we decided to play, we made it a level further than the last time we decided to play.

By 2014, the Super Bowl might be in this fish bowl, It All Adds Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Week 16: F-
Season Avg.: F- (It’s hard to bring a grade back up, but much easier to pull it down)


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