Saints D Keeps You in the Game

Posted: December 18, 2007 in Saints

With bad defensive play, a 7 point victory was all there was to show for the good offensive performance on Sunday. However, somebody needs to go up in the ear of some of these players and scream out HOLD ON TO THE FOOTBALL until their ears fall off. David “Hard Ass” Patten thinks he can be stupid and hold the ball about 40 feet from his body without something bad possibly happening, A FUMBLE MAYBE!!! GET YOUR FREAKIN’ HEAD INSIDE THAT GAME BEFORE I BEAT IT IN!!!!!!!

Should have been 31-10 the way the Cardinals played.

With the Bears being, once again, hideous, unprofessional, and having an offense that looks as good or worse than the now lucky Miami Dolphins, we did not get help this week; we’re gonna have to be patient.

Vikings Remaining Schedule:

vs. Washington (8:15 NBC)
@ Denver

If Minnesota losses one game, we control our own destiny having the tie breaker by virtue of having the better conference record.

Washington, at 7-7, needs New Orleans to lose one game and fall one back because they would also lose the tie breaker.


Week 15: Poor defensive play and key fumbles that you know are very troublesome to me make this weeks grade a C-.

Season Avg: C-

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    By Chef’s count, we at a B-. But Chef has long been suspected of grade inflation. C- seems a little harsh though.

    How does the Cafe grade out in 2007, Jake?

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