This ‘Aint the 80’s, Homedogs!

Posted: October 29, 2007 in Saints

The Saints roll over the creampuff Niners for a big win that sends the team to 3-4.
WE GOT THIS!!!!!! Except for a little deal with Jacksonville in the Dome. We were expected to beat this disaster, but the big game, remember is Jacksonville. WE NEED TO BEAT AN AFC TEAM!!!! The only AFC team we beat in the last 2 years was the Cleveland Browns. Cleveland? Seriously. A big start will be in the order to come up with good results in this game, much like the on we got vs. the San Fransisco Creampuffs.

Despite their best efforts, the Saints left the game with a pretty healthy margin 31-10, but I would have gone for a field goal on the 10 yard line. 34-10 looks so much better. The fatness of the number four seems to put that little extra emphasis on a blowout. But P-Diddy did what he always did in games like this, played conservatively, turned the ball back to the creampuffs, and let them kneel the ball down for the final time.

Had it not been for two troublesome and bothersome late game antics, I would have given them a B+, but here it is:

Week 8: B-
Season Avg: C-

  1. Chef Who Dat says:

    B-. Keepin’ it real, Mojo. Expecting complete and total domination is the path to 12-4. You might want to go old school with the spoons this week.

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