Blackened Falcon…………..YUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted: October 22, 2007 in Saints

The Saints, after gaining some momentum with their first win of the season against the Seahawks, marched back onto their home field to take on the hated Dirty Birds. No we didn’t get any blocked punts or field goals, but we didn’t need to. Yeah they got their cheap yards off our defense and Drew threw some stupid passes, but we scored when we needed to and pulled this one out 22-16 over the Falcons.

Defense was OK finishing with 3 sacks and registering a total of 8 sacks in the last two games after only having 1 in the first four games

Pass Defense SUCKED!!!

We’re 2-4 after winning our first regular season game at home since the December 3rd 34-10 win over San Fransisco, who we play next week.

We’re still in this deal, but we still need to get better. Jacksonville is the game you’re looking at. If we beat a solid AFC opponent in Jacksonville to go 4-4, there’s your turning point.

Let’s go on the road and take care “a bidness” against the Niners and roll from there.

Our New Slogan (from JWD): WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!

Week 7: B-
Season Avg: D+

It’s a huge weekend when both LSU and the Saints win at home; savor it.

  1. Michelle says:

    Yum! That Jacksonsville game will be a nice test. But I’m not as worried now that I see how well we’ve been stopping the run.

  2. Chick in the Huddle says:

    This has by far been my best weekend of football of the season. Tampa lost, Falcons, lost, Eagles Lost, and the Saints and Tigers won! Plus, I was sober enough to remember it all. Yipee!!!!

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