Fierce Tiger Battle

Posted: October 21, 2007 in Tigers

The battle-scared Tigers face yet another tough SEC opponent (part of a tough schedule that gets unnoticed every year in the BCS Standings) in the Auburn Tigers. LSU came out slow which was to be expected but proceeded to play sluggish much like they have been as of late. LSU, however, came back out in the second half and scored 19 unanswered points (not the easy way) to change the score from Auburn 17-7 to LSU 23-17. Auburn would come back to get a touchdown, but LSU would answer which a last second TD which was INSANE, but worked.

LSU was in field goal range and therefore in range to win the game with the score Auburn 24-23 and with one timeout left when Les Miles decided to go for the end zone with a play that would later RUN OUT THE CLOCK! Demetrius Byrd would come up with the catch to give the “Bayou Bengal” Tigers a big 30-24 win over Auburn and keep their national championship hopes alive.

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