Deuce Begins Recovery/ BYE Week Report Card

Posted: September 28, 2007 in Saints

Deuce underwent surgery Thursday on his right knee in which Dr. James Andrews repaired the torn ACL and also cleaned up his right knee from surgery he had to have back in ’05. The surgery was done in Birmingham, Alabama and was obviously successful.

He will now begin his recovery process which will keep him out for the year.

Saints players look forward to his return in 2008.

Meanwhile, Reggie Bush is back at the funeral proceedings where he and the rest of the guys are trying to bring their magic back from the dead. Come to think of it, it probably ended up in the graveyard under the Superdome. They better get it fast, though. To meet this years expectations, they’ll now need to go 11-2.

I gave them a D- after the Colts game. Right now, they have an F-. The expected 2-1 bye would have given them a B-.

Bye Week Report Card:
Wk 1 D-
Wk 2 F-
Wk 3 F

Avg. F

Team Status: WHOA NELLY!!!!!!

  1. Chick in the Huddle says:

    Can we get an automatic A for not losing in week 4…and if so, are you grading on a curve?

  2. saintseester says:

    Yeah, I like the A for bye weeks. I took off the first half of this week. But I didn’t give my students A’s. I just refrained from grading until next week.

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