Random News

Posted: September 18, 2007 in Random News


  • El Cholo in Los Angeles California is the nation’s top rated Mexican restaurant
  • The Top Yahoo search is Barry Bonds baseball
  • The Loser Awards takes a serious back seat to the more important program on Sunday Night, Sunday Night Football!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • As prices drop, GPS theft soars
  • BOSE speakers are even smaller
  • Watch K-Ville
  • Scientists have come up with gum that won’t stick to your shoe
  • Trump Tower now delayed until January, no surprise for us.
  • Nawlins people still killin’ Nawlins people
  • Sea lice is deadly to wild salmon
  • Bees can now kill Hornets by suffocating them
  • New bats in Philippines
  • Boa makes car in Austria home
  • Stems cells repair mice lungs
  • NASA needs help!!!!!!
  • NOS needs help!!!!!!!
  • The Great Lakes are dirty
  • Police tazer man with a chicken in the car, doesn’t surprise me
  • Baboon adopts a chicken at a zoo
  • Stinky smells come from your nose, not the other guys sweat.
  • Man dies from a head-butt
  • Monkey at an airport!!!!!!!
  • Someone selling Belgium on eBay, what about NOLA?
  • Mostly sunny with high of 92 and low of 68 in Tenes, Algeria on Thursday.

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