1. AnnoYouLater

    pelican sounds dumb

  2. Brandon Jennings

    tisk tisk…

  3. iFliiBoiTellem

    “What team do you play for?” :The New Orleans Pelicans.”

    • Mr. Lee

      I think the Knickerbockers is even worse but what can you do when the Utah Choirboys own ‘Jazz’ its a sad state of affairs.

  4. Ben

    I’d be pleased to see Charlotte to have the Hornets name back. They should take the colour scheme back too. I don’t mind the name Bobcats at all, but it’s never going to be remembered with fondness for the era it’s produced, and Hornets might bring back a feeling of positivity and success in Charlotte.

    I can’t quite imagine the colour scheme for the ‘Pelicans’ – but its an interesting name. And having NO feeling ownership of the name is a good thing. Perhaps this move could bring freshness back to two young and on the rise teams.

    I’m in support.

  5. TheBomB

    come on Tom Benson you can do something better than that….Pelicans sounds dumb
    something like New Orleans Knights would be pretty awesome

  6. Imran

    Just when you thought the franchise was moving towards the right direction. New nickname makes the current hornets wanna sting someone lol

  7. Spire

    lol pelicans doesnt suit the nba

  8. Ya Pelican

    In Australia, someone calling you a “pelican” means they think you are a bit of a fool…

  9. Banks

    Lmfao….the Pelicans lmfao….

  10. Gardi BP


  11. pontoon

    new orleans pelicans? thats a mouthful

  12. YelloMello

    Navy Blue, Red, and Gold sounds absolutely garish.

    In fact, I loaded up Paint.NET and drew color swaths to compare side by side. The color scheme _is_ absolutely garish. I don’t see how they can pull that off without the uniforms being eyesores.

  13. miamifan

    that is the worst name I have ever heard

  14. Dew

    I am all for New Orleans to change their names. The Pelicans however? Would be a tough one to swallow. What needs to happen is for Utah to change their names so that New Orleans can have the Jazz, and then the Bobcats should take the name Hornets as described in the article. Then we would be region appropriate. However, I do not see this happening as the Jazz in Utah has become a traditional favorite there. New Orleans should name their team the Hurricanes due to what the city has endured and pulled through together on or perhaps Gators due to the swamps which are found all over Louisiana. If a bird is to be used, the Herons or the Sparrows would be a more attractive choice. I do not think I would be nervous to play a team named the Pelicans, nor does the name sound attractive but the others would be more entertaining and you can definitely make a case for a perfect storm brewing if it were the Thunder vs the Hurricanes. Could make some great marketing. Look at the Wildcats, how many teams use that name? I am sure one more wouldn’t make a difference if one was college and one was a pro team. Anyhow, I would welcome the name change if it warrants getting the Charlotte Hornets getting their former name back. Bobcats has never suited the cities vibe and has seemed out of place.

  15. nicolas

    new orleans hurricanes

  16. Cool

    very funky and funny name o.o

  17. maimifan

    they all need to chill out and stop changing the names, jerseys and colour schemes around so much. teams lose their heritage when they do this. Look at boston celtics- they haven’t changed anything and they are sick!!!

  18. Pelicans ??? Gotta be something better. Is there a rule that says you can’t have two Jazz ? Let Utah bite me. We can be the Jazz if we want. They are the ones that will look like a fool.

  19. basketball godz

    Pelicans? wow that sounds lame…the charlotte hornets need to return however

  20. How about The SwampDawgs !!!

  21. K

    Honestly i always liked the Charlotte Hornets and plus if they get the name back they can wear their throwback uni’s, But change New Orleans to something more fearsome

  22. toughcall

    New Orleans Musketeers or New Orleans Hurricanes makes sense for the city and its history



  24. Sha-naynay

    Lol, I would probably quit if my team name was the pelicans. They should just move the whole team to somewhere less hurricane prone.

  25. scopes44

    I reckon the name New Orleans Blues is the better. Pelicans is a little – What the?

    Charlotte Hornets to come back with the same colours….

  26. Hunter

    Pelicans? It’s gotta be another name.. Thats not a good name for an NBA team. Bobcats was bad enough but Pelicans? OKC Thunder works. How about just New Orleans NOLA or Cajuns(politically that might not work)

  27. What is this?

    What team are you apart of? “I’m a Pelican.”
    It should be “I’m a Musketeer” or even “I’m a Hurricane”.

  28. Exhibit_A

    should be the new orleans katrinas…lol that messed up ill take it back

  29. DisDerDat

    How about the New Orleans Hurricanes.

  30. julie

    I hate the “Pelicans”!!!! Tom Benson should let the fans vote. I personally like the New Orleans Big Shots. Pelicans…….really????stupid

  31. Is this Benson guy extremely high?

  32. qrwqghdfjdfj

    Pelicans??? omg.

    What about New Orleans Swing, or New Orleans Easy…. something to do with the vibe of the city. But Pelican? No way.

    I know a pelican is good from a mascot point of view, but please owners…. dont do it!

  33. Jono

    Pelicans! the Pellies for short. Not cool Knights, Saints, Tigers, i dont know but something definately cooler and more aggressive than the Pelicans! terrible! desitined for failure

  34. Dan

    New Orleans hurricanes Charlotte hornets, but Utah jazz doesn’t need to change

  35. Dan

    Utah avalanche or something like that actually they’re known for their ski resorts that would be awesome !

  36. james

    Why not Crocodiles?

  37. MK

    Nah. That’s not right. I like the Hurricanes better. Or just don’t change the name after all.

  38. Lee

    What about the New Orleans Ironclads, a throwback to the Battle of New Orleans in 1815?

  39. Pelicans??? OMG! It’s horrible!

  40. Trae Tunes

    Wow the Pelicans??? That’s horrible… They were the New Orleans Jazz before that franchise moved to Utah… It would make way more since if they could get that name back it fits the culture of the city and there is nothing Jazzy about Utah lol… Nut Please anything but the Pelicans that to me gives other teams more confidence knowing they are about to face the Pelicans… Something that rolls off the tongue better like the New Orleans Knights which I think mesh well with the Saints name so your city mascots have a flow

  41. CelticsFan

    Pelicans…? Navy blue, red, and gold…? Please don’t… Choose something NBA-like and send the Hornets along with their colors back to Charlotte.

  42. Name_Namer

    please seriously consider the following names:





  43. Sean

    Hurricanes is kind of terrible for New Orleans. And personally i think they should have stuck with hornets. Charlotte is in need of the name change more and i think flight would be great. The Charlotte Flight its original and makes sense to the area.

  44. bleedgreen

    New Orleans Voodoo

  45. MBM

    pelicans? sounds like a minor league team

  46. LakeFan 4

    New Orleans Lmafaos

  47. Steve

    a group of pelicans is called a Squadron… so why not call it New Orleans Squadron… much “tougher” sounding than Pelicans

  48. corey

    Yeah I like the swampdawgz as well

  49. Game Time

    I would love to hear the other choices that didn’t make the cut. Would have be pretty damn bad to get beaten by pelicans.

  50. Why not the New Orleans Bayou?

  51. mike2k777

    im born and raised in new orleans…and i have to say, the new orleans pelicans sounds hilarious and by far the least intimidating team name in history…ill still support my team but you wont be seeing me wearing any pelicans merchandise…benson is smart, plenty people just spent plenty money on anthony davis jerseys and what not …now they have to go buy a new one

  52. Roaster Steve

    Don’t underestimate Pelicans!!! –

  53. tyrone

    New orlean Hurricanes since that was where hurricane katrina occured

  54. gomezd

    I would LOVE to see the.charlotte hornets again!!!

  55. Thomas Atwood

    Since Benson is a very prominent Mormon name, Mr. Benson should set his sights on Utah for a name change:
    New Orleans JAZZ
    Utah SAINTS (for Latter Day Saints)

  56. Kwolio

    Some suggestions, hilarious these maybe:

    N.O. Bayou
    N.O. Cajuns! (oh yeah!!!)
    N.O. Batons
    N.O. Big Easies
    N.O. Marines
    N.O. Oilslickers/Bourbons

    Oui? :D

  57. Terrible

    Ha! Not one person thinks this is a good idea

  58. Darrel Darrell

    I had to check to make sure it wasnt April Fool’s. The Pelicans is the worst name in all professional sports.

    They need to hire a think tank to take Mardi Gras and make a name around that.

  59. Quadre

    Wooow sounds like a WNBA team lool

  60. NY fan

    LOL!! im sure a first grade kid can come up with a better name than the pelicans

  61. Paul

    The Pelicans is an awesome name. I hope the change the name.

  62. cleciano

    is this a joke

  63. cleciano

    is this a joke?



  65. LOL oh man. PELICANS??? Theres NO WAY anyone would take them SERIOUSLY!

    “Please welcome your NBA CHAMPS, the NEW ORLEANS PELICANS!!!! ”